Philadelphia As A Set, And Famous Philadelphians

Whatever the place you hail from in the world, chances are that you know the Philadelphia skyline, can recognize one or more of its landmarks and monuments, or knospruce-street-harbor-park-restaurant-dusk-m-edlow-900vpw of several people born there. We can thank Hollywood for this exposure to the city.

As a matter of fact, Hollywood and many famous TV studios are in love with Philadelphia and its distinguished sons and daughters. Among them, are entertainers, musicians, actors and entrepreneurs as well as athletes and… princesses. Yes indeed: Grace Kelly, who married royalty when she became the wife of Rainier III of Monaco, was born in Philadelphia. And Will Smith, who famously got his start on television as “the prince of Bel-Air”, made his first trek to the West Coast leaving from his birth place, Philly!

Other famous actors born and bred here include Bradley Cooper, Richard Gere and Kevin Bacon, while thinking of singers and music virtuosos we can’t ignore Billie Holiday, Jill Scott or Daryl Hall (of Hall & Oates fame). Among the most recognizable sports icons of the last few years, Kobe Bryant grew all over the world but was born in the city. There must be something extremely special in the water in the city.

As for movies, you must know by now that Philadelphia equates to saying Rocky Balboa. The city is as much a character in the boxing saga as anyone else. You might have recognized Philadelphia in such titles as 12 Monkeys, Marnie, the iconic Trading Places, The War of the Roses and A History of Violence. We’re willingly leaving out and Philadelphia and The Philadelphia Story, and for obvious reasons! Even TV shows lovers have had their fix of brotherly love throughout the years, as there’s several dozens series shot on location in Philly. Among them: Cold Case, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia (but of course!), the hit shows How to Get Away with Murder and Pretty Little Liars. If any of these titles are familiar then it is likely you are more familiar with Philadelphia than you may think.